Sunday, July 16, 2017

Ozark Biking

Hit up some trails while Lynn and I spent time in the Ozarks. It was a wet spring here as well as many parts of the Midwest.
In general, very good trails that drain nicely and due to the shale type soil, don't retain much water. Wet, but no mud or standing water.
- Rode parts of the KATY near St; Louis with buddy Beans that lives there.
St. Charles, Daniel Boone. "WELCOME"

- White River Valley, Branson. This trial was closest to our condo so I rode it a few times. Nice trail.
"JAKE IS IN LOVE WITH SARAH" hummm....wonder how that's going?

Not a good pic, but an old cabin and cellar along the trail.

A few hikers out on the trail. Tried to roll around one by going up some exposed shelf rock. Slid out. Rock was jagged and sharp. No Emergency Room visit, though.

- Lake Leatherwood trails near Eureka Springs....including Bench Loop, Twin Knobs, Minors Rock and Dam Overlook. Again, good trails. Some climbing but nothing too over the top....pun intended.

Miners Rock outcropping.

Random formations along Dam Overlook.

Eureka Springs is an interesting town, worth it to stop in. Bike Shop owner was informative as well. The town it's self isn't bike friendly, but the owner shared info on trails, how to get to Lake Leatherwood via the backdoor, and housing info.

We drove down to Bentonville to look around and I rode a couple of hours on the Slaughter Pen trail system. I did some loops on the Pen trails, then worked my way to downtown via other trail systems and connectors. There is a lot here....and it can get very challenging if that's what one wants.

I met Lynn and the Bike Rack Brewing Company and they have the original of a print I have from an artist in connection.

We stopped in Springfield, MO and we came across a Bike Museum. Well worth the time to stop in and check things out. James Allen is the owner, tons of stuff and great stories to back it all up. He had 3 Columbia 1900 era shaft drive bikes....but no Crawford.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cuyuna, MN

Spent 4 days great on the Cuyuna, MN trails with a crew of 12 guys or so I got to know from our Madison, WI days.

We bunked in at the True North Basecamp. Each cabin has a theme from a local bike centered business from the MN area.

Here with a couple of the guys, Dave and old man Greg. He thought he was the only one with a shirt like that.....I surprised him on our trip to down, a 1/4 mile ride/walk.

As they say, Shred the Red (taconite dust.)

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

160 mile Unsupported BALLS gravel grinder ride from and back to Madison. Weather was tough...cold, wet and rainy.

All photos but the last one provided by Tyler Ubinger.
Rode the 9:zero:7.

Just under 12 hours, 37 degrees at the finish after 3-4 hours in a light rain. 10-15 head/cross winds.

Friend Tyler and I took off counter-clockwise as the5-6 other guys that showed up went clockwise. We then met out on the trail neat the 1/2 way mark.

Tyler is in training for the Tour Divide race. Tyler and his sponsors are using it as fund raiser for the Madison Boys and Girls Club. I'm looking at picking him up around the 4th of July at the finish, in Antelope Wells, and getting him to an airport. I'll stay out west a couple of more weeks then and get some riding in.

Needless to say, he's in much better shape than I am, but that wouldn't have made any difference as he's just faster anyway and after 4-5 hrs before the 1/2 way point he took off. We had talked about this and I didn't want him to wait for me. I know he wanted to get some solid training in.....that said, I passed him at about the 3/4 he had pulled into a fast food restaurant for an hr. and I pedaled on without stopping. If I had seen his bike I'd had pulled in as well!!
 Tyler's bike left, mine right.

I wore Keen sandals on flats with some medium wool socks and my feet never got cold. My hands were a different story....when I got back to the Heep I couldn't squeeze the connector to get my helmet off.
Core had probably dropped a few degrees.
Glad I had updated me problems coming from that area.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Harrington Manor, Swallowfalls, Maryland

Coming home from the DC/Outer Banks trip we decided to "practice" how we're going to do things one we retire and start pulling our travel trailer around.
We got on hwy 50 out of DC (a road I used to travel on for work when I went to the Luke, MD papermill) and took it well into Ohio. We're going to stay off the interstates and explore via the backroads.......
Along the way the Singletracks APP I started to use (you can follow my rides by clicking on the link...once we get going and out on the road/retirement) indicated some riding at Harrington Manor State Park, which boosts the highest waterfalls in Maryland.
I had the fatty and road a pretty rugged 5-6 mile trail from where I left Lynn to the waterfalls. Once I arrived I noticed my rear tire going flat. I took out the tube and found a goats head or similar thorn still in the tire. Patched the tube and took off to find the falls, tire went flat again....decided to just use the spare tube and tossed it in after checking for more thorns.
Got home and a few days later started patching up the tube, there were 3 more holes in it, must have hit a whole cluster of thorns.

 There it is....not much, but still a nice area.

Europe 2016. Regensburg

Regensburg is known primarily for it's old stone bridge. The oldest stone bridge over the Danube, built between 1135-1146. There are pockets of antiquity along the Danube and Europe in general that weren't bombed during WWII. Some by design (See Monuments Men) some by accident in that there was no need to.
Timbers still intact from the bridge Gate Tower, which was also a salt storage building. Salt was one of the most coveted items of the era.

Stolen off the internet:

Also has an ancient cathedral.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Outer Banks, Washinting DC trip

Took the fatty out for a few spins off the snow.

With buddy Tim from IL at Kitty Hawk, NC

Outer Banks, Nags Head, NC. In front of friends Tom and Shirley beach setup.

Tim again, went here with son Nick as well. Meadowood Trail near Alexandria, VA. Nice trail in an urban area. Good man-made features.

Wakefield Trail. Old school, doesn't seem to be machine cut. Plenty of roots, loose rocks and creek crossings.

Fat Bike Birkie, 2017

After the first ever cancelation of the Birkie XC-ski race 2 weeks previous, curiosity was elevated to see what would happen to the 5th Annual Fat Bike Birkie.
There wasn't any snow, but temps were -4F when we awoke for the race. The course was hard, rough and fast with a few icy patches. A number of the hills weren't the type to be carried, so it was a granny gear climb to the top of them. 5 laps...and it was tough. Studded tires.
Near the lead out the guy right next to me on the right started to lose it and as he yelled out I reflexively gripped the bars a bit tighter. As he fell he clipped my rear tire and slid me over a few inches on the ice. I didn't go down but he did. All I heard were people cursing and yelling and bikes piling into each other.
Local coverage.

I finished right at 3 hrs. middle of the pack overall and 5th  in my age group with a 10mph average speed. Didn't crash or break anything. Felt good about that as I haven't been riding as much the past year. Results.

My buddy Al and his wife Julie joined Lynn and I for a fun weekend none-the-less.